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I just got done doing some yoga :D 2 years ago I used to practice every day, and then last year I'd practice every once in awhile, just when I felt like I needed it. I started to miss it so in February I started up again and have done it almost every day since then, missing about 4 or 5 days I guess all together? In March I only missed yesterday so far, which is pretty awesome.
Anywayyyy because I feel like I havent done it in a week (literally its been a day, but the 2 days before that were like 10-15mins and easy cause I was so fatigued) I decided to do this power yoga for the 3rd or 4th time :)

This is a little more intermediate than beginner since she does go sort of fast in some places (its one of her only voice overs, so she doesnt stop to explain, its a "real class") and if you don't know your poses and breaths, you're going to spend more time watching it than actually doing it hahaha so I suggest watching it first...and if you're really new, I suggest checking out her into videos and other flows first. Adriene is legit the best yoga instructor on youtube.

And when she does jumping jacks I either run in place and wave my arms because I'm usually doing this sequence in our bedroom on the 2nd floor and the house is 984395 years old and is already cockeyed and shit shakes and yeah so i'll normally do that. today i did the first set and concentrated on landing lightly. Orrrr I'll hula hoop and jog in place at the same time, anything not as jumpy shakey hahaha

And when she gets to hand stand practice, omg my fave part, I am getting SO CLOSE I've never been so close its amazing i cant waittttt. I'm thinking like, another month and i can get onto the wall in one...but anyway, she goes on to do other stuff but i ignore her and go into a headstand for the rest of the video, play around in headstand, and then come down and i'm done wooooooo.

still havent eaten yet except one hershey kiss with almond (24cal) and an energy drink (110) and now drinking a miralax in a lemonade mix (its gross in plain water, especially this off brand stuff because it like...gets really jelly like :/....~80 cals). I guess yeah, half the reason im back to LJ is I'm relapsing a bit and this is where I flee to for whatever reason. but yeah I'm feeling awesome i think im going to have a rice cake with PB so my muscles have something to work with after my yoga, and then dinner is down at the draft house, and I probably wont do to well down there, but at least im not eating til after 1pm again thank godddd

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